November 26, 2007

Weekly Goal List

Last week I made a list of goals, and I think it helped me be more industrious. I got 12 rows of my sister's poncho done, and finished the first round for ornament covering #2. I didn't have time to cut out the fabric, but will try to get it done this week.
This evening I worked on the poncho some more and have gotten to the part that completely baffles me. My Dad has an appointment near a yarn store that I really like, so I'm going to 'carpool' with Mom and Dad on Thursday. While they're at the appointment, I'll go around the corner and get some knitting advice. :)

Goals for this week:
  1. Cut out fabric
  2. Finish collar on poncho
  3. Finish tatted ornament cover
  4. Tackle mending pile
Happy Stitching!

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