November 13, 2007

Large Dronkle Finished!

I'm not going to divulge how late I was up finishing this one. Just that I finished watching The Phantom of the Opera, watched all of Fiddler on the Roof, and nearly half of the special features. Anyway, now that they're done I'm going to (try) turning my attention to Christmas presents. So far I have not finished anything.
Without giving too much away, I have (at least) two knitting projects, one or more beading projects, several tatted items, and two to three sewing projects. I will take pictures and post them sometime between 12/26 and 12/31.

Happy Crafting!
PS~ For a picture of my Sister's animal, click here.


jasmine said...

These are super cute -- they remind me off a Winnie the Pooh set I had when I was little (eyeore was always my favorite) that had been made in upholstry fabric. It was unexpected and so made the little guys special.

Sarah said...

Now that you mention it, they do remind me a little of eeyore...I always felt sorry for him 'cause he was always losing his tail.
Thanks for stopping by!