October 9, 2010

Knitting Rules

Lately it seems as though every time I think about blogging, something more important comes up. I finally have a little bit of time, and a question. My question is: Do you have any 'rules' about your knitting? I do. I have two, actually. The first one is easy: Don't pick a project wildly beyond your knitting capabilities. Work your skills up to the project before starting it.
The second rule is somewhat more complicated, as it has exceptions. On the surface, it seems quite simple and straightforward: Never have more than one knitting project at a time. Easy, right? The complications come with the exceptions: Dishcloths or other small no-more-than-two-sessions projects are allowed. Taking time off from one project to knit a gift is allowed. Taking two projects on vacation is a good idea, in case one of them doesn't quite go the way you'd hoped.

And that's where I ran into trouble. I went on vacation in August. I thought that it would be a good idea to have two projects. So I cast on a knit a few rounds of two separate projects. Somehow that started things spiraling out of control and I now have three four knitting projects going. One is a gift, so that doesn't really count, right? That still leaves me with three WIP's, though.

The first two pictures are the projects I took on vacation. The top picture is of Cat Bordhi's Spring Thaw Socks. (Knitter's Magazine Summer 2008) I haven't worked on the socks since the day I cast on.
The second picture is "Cabled Wristlets" by Silka Burgoyne. (Creative Knitting November 2008) I worked on these the first day of vacation. Haven't touched them since.
The third picture is of a vintage stocking that I started. The pattern was downloaded from Vintage Purls. I have no idea why I started it, especially since I already had two projects going. I have no idea why I bought the yarn, either, since I'm not supposed to be buying yarn until I use some up.

This brings us to the fourth project. All I can show you is the yarn - it's a gift, and I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for the recipient.
Million dollar question of the day: What project should I go back to after I finish knitting the present?



good night, introduce my name antonsatria. I want to ask, in your blogger page there is a link love to your facebook page, which I want to know, how do I make it. please in reply.

Sarah said...

Hello, to get the box, go to 'adverts and pages'. In the right hand column, under 'promote your page' click 'promote with a like box'. Change the settings to whatever you prefer and click 'get code'. A box will pop up with two code types to choose from. I used the iframe code. Just copy and paste it to wherever you want it.
Hope this helps!!

AntCarter said...

I would say knit the two you started or brought with you on vacation. That way you can make some progress on them.