November 12, 2007

Large & Small Karleksdronk (or 'dronkles')

I just finished making the small 'dronkle' in this kit. As you can see, the directions are in Swedish. I tried using an online translator, and came up with some interesting results. The word at the top of the page has to do with being industrious. Then stor & liten - big and little; Karleksdronk. All I can find is that 'Karleks' means 'fellows' so I'm making 'Large and small dronk-fellows' whatever they are. If anyone can read Swedish, please tell me what these cute little things are!

My Grandparents bought the kit for me many years ago. They also bought a different kit for my Sister. She completed hers a few weeks ago, and it was so cute I got my kit out and started trying to figure out the directions. Mom said they were probably the same as my Sister's directions (Mom managed to translate them for her).

It was unlike a regular pattern where you cut out the fabric pieces. Instead you trace the pattern onto the fabric, stitch it and then cut it out. There was barely enough fabric to lay out the pattern pieces, so I got Mom to help me - she's really good at that sort of thing.

After stitching the hearts and discovering that the fabric had shifted as I stitched I decided to pin around the shapes on the larger piece of fabric. The hardest part was cutting out the shapes - there wasn't a lot of space between some of the pieces. Here they are all stitched and stuffed, ready for hand sewing:

Since hand sewing goes so much faster when you're sitting in front of a TV screen, I put in my newest music DVD and started stitching. It was sometime around midnight, two TV shows and half of another DVD (Phantom of the Opera) later when I finally finished the little one.
I took some pictures, started to blog about them, realized how tired I was and went to bed. I'm hoping to finish the large one this evening.

To help them sit better I put 'beans' or plastic pellets like the kind they use in Beanie Babies in the bottom of the body sections.

Happy Crafting!

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Ginny said...

Thanks for the kind words in regards to my help, Sarah. I blogged about Grace's moose -
- Mom