November 19, 2007

Knitting Project

My current knitting project is a poncho for my sister. So far I have finished the back and am approximately halfway done with the front. The pattern is Fashion Note J17-0724 from Red Heart. The yarn is Bernat's Soft Bouclé and the color is Misty Shades. I've worked with Bernat's yarn before; once as trim on a dog sweater, and once with one of their baby yarns. Each time I've resolved to never work with nubby yarns ever again. Despite my resolve I always seem to buy more nubby yarn.

My Craft Goals for this week are:
  1. Complete 16 rows on poncho
  2. Figure out how to knit faster and not make mistakes ;)
  3. Start another tatted ornament cover
  4. Cut out fabric for 2 Christmas presents that must remain anonymous for the time being.


Crafty Gardener said...

What a lovely poncho. Your sister will certainly love it.

Sarah said...

crafty gardener: Yes, especially if I get it done this year ;) (I've been working on it a couple of years) The front is going much faster since I switched to bamboo needles. I did the back on aluminum needles and the stitches were always sliding off the needles.
Thanks for stopping by!