November 7, 2007

Blogs That Inspire Me

I've been inspired to start a blog about my crafts and hobbies. Partly because I won't have very much to post about at my garden blog over the winter and partly because of the inspiration I've found at these wonderful blogs:
  • The Picture Effect: My Sister's blog. She blogs about her photography, and takes absolutely stunning pictures.
  • A Crafter's Chronology: This is my Mom's blog. Ever since she started it she's been turning out projects left and right.
  • The Happy Stitcher: I love this blog and all the cute patterns, pillows and nature pictures.
  • The Crafty Gardener: I just found out this week that the Crafty Gardener has a craft blog. Be sure to check out The Garden Side as well as The Crafty Side.
  • Jen Loves 2 Knit: I love to knit to, and have been enjoying this blog a lot.
  • Knitting 40 Shades of Green: This is one of my favorite blogs because, like me, the author has a huge yarn stash and multiple projects going on. It's nice to know that there are others who refuse to limit themselves to one project at a time. :)
  • SewChic: A blog published by a mother and daughter.
  • The Purl Bee: There's always something interesting to be found at this blog.
In future posts I will share pictures of my projects in progress. I'm hoping that blogging about my projects will help me knit, cross stitch, embroider, tat, quill, crochet, and sew faster. :)



Crafty Gardener said...

Thanks for adding my craft blog on your inspired list. The Crafty Side will be busier over the winter months while I dream about gardening.

Sarah said...

Your welcome :) I always enjoy looking at your projects; they're so colorful and inspiring!