March 26, 2010

SAL Progress

I was really on a roll last night with my Lady of the Thread. I finished her head, and did a few of the spots where there are only two or three stitches in a color, then two or three in another color. After I finish the bodice of her dress, I'll work on the ribbon down the edge of her housecoat, then work on the coat itself.
I'm pondering leaving out the red rose..things... on either side of her. They don't make a lot of sense, and look a bit odd. The one seems to be sprouting out of her back, and the other seems to pop out from behind her stitching. Opinions, anyone? (If you can't see them, there's a better photo in this post.)

March 22, 2010

Stitches in Life

In the long interval since my last post, I have not done a lot of crafting. I've been babysitting, studying for Wednesday night Bible studies, went to Gardenscape with my Grandma, went to game night, planned my garden, narrowed down the varieties, ordered the seeds, prepared two new garden beds, cleaned up my 'bulb bed', oh, and joined a stitch-along.

The stitch-along is being held on Ravelry of all places. It started on the 16'th. We had our choice of two themes - a WIP or a box. I decided to work on Lady of the Thread. I spent the first three days ripping out, then stitching. By Friday night it was finally correct, and the lady had, err, has a partial neck. I accomplished nothing on Saturday due to spending the day outside gardening. Sunday I dealt with a headache, and worked on the study guide for Wednesday night Bible study. I managed a few stitches between 9:30 and 11, though. Today was gray and dreary. It seems to suck away all my energy; I spent two hours in front of my light box, was almost late to work, but made it through the afternoon. After dinner, I went upstairs, and worked on a topical Bible study. Now it's almost bed time, and my stitching is still in its bag. *sigh* There are still 4 more weeks to the SAL, so I'm hoping my pace will pick up soon.

Since I don't have any new project pictures right now, I'll leave you with this picture of my Bible,  concordance, and study books. The book on the left is from Reformation Heritage Books. Jasmine at Joyfully At Home blogged about these Journibibles back in February. The concept intrigued me, and I ordered three - Proverbs, John, and Romans. Something that has been exceedingly difficult throughout my life is daily Bible study; I'm always looking for new study material hoping that it will encourage me to study daily. As soon as I finish my current topical study, I will start on the Proverbs book. Since each chapter is broken down over a few pages, my goal is to complete at least one chapter a week.

Studying and Stitching,

March 6, 2010

Lady of the Thread - Post-Olympic Picture

I meant to post this earlier this week, but lost my camera card/USB adapter in the recesses of my messy desk. The adapter has been located, and the pictures downloaded, so without further ado, pre- and post-Olympic pictures of Lady of the Thread.

I was unable to meet my goal of finishing her skirt, due to spending a weekend in Penn Yan for my Grandpa's funeral, and taking a couple days to knit a baby hat. I almost finished it at my craft night on Thursday. I did manage to finish it this evening. My next goal is to complete the remainder of her dress and put in her head and the mirror. One of these days I'll remember to put the project picture in my progress picture so you can see how little I've really gotten done how much progress I'm making.