March 31, 2008

Bookmarks For Etsy

Here are a few of the bookmarks that will be in my Etsy shop. I have changed the date of my previous post so that it will stay on top until the contest for naming my new shop is over.

March 26, 2008

Awareness Ribbon of the Month

Awareness Ribbon
My Mom suggested that I should explain my picks for Awareness Ribbon of the Month. I try to pick them based on illnesses or diseases that have directly affected my life.

In December I chose a gray ribbon for diabetes. My grandfather has had diabetes for quite some time. He has to test his blood sugar throughout the day, and give himself insulin.

For January I chose National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. No particular reason, it was the one I liked best for January.

February was AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month. My Grandfather and Great Grandmother both have Macular Degeneration. (AMD) My Grandpa has the dry type and it is progressing slowly. My Grandma has the wet type, and is nearly blind.

This month, March is National Kidney Awareness Month. My Father has cancer, and the cancer has caused his kidneys to shut down. He is currently on home (peritoneal) dialysis. It is much better than when he went three times a week to dialysis clinic and had huge needles stuck in his arm to filter the toxins from his blood. If you're interested in learning more about dialysis, click here.

From now on, when I change my Awareness Ribbon I will write a post explaining my reason for choosing it.

March 22, 2008

Crocheted Caterpillar

I made a few changes - the decreases on the tail were more cat-like than caterpillar-like, so I shortened that a little. For the center, you're supposed to fill a stocking with kitty litter to give it weight and help it absorb the cold. Not having any stockings available, I used an old knee high and filled it with kitty litter. It shed a lot of dust, so I stuffed it in a tube sock and sewed the end closed. After stuffing the sock into the caterpillar, I sewed the ends of the sock to the ends of the caterpillar with some of the microspun yarn. I embroidered the the face with microspun, too.
I think I have entirely cured myself of wanting to work with Fun Fur. I don't like knitting with it, and I don't like crocheting with it, either.
Enjoy the pictures!

Complete with antennae and legs.

March 21, 2008

About That Kitty..... know, the Sleepy Kitty Draft Dodger? Yeah, that one. Did anyone notice anything ...interesting...about the yarn I chose? Not exactly colors you'd see on a cat. So, my kitty has become a caterpillar, because caterpillars can be fun colors like purple and blue. What was I thinking when I bought that yarn?? Obviously not about cats. Anyway, a caterpillar sort of goes with my theme of butterflies, since they turn into butterflies. I'm nearly done and will try to post some pictures tomorrow. Or later tonight, if all goes well. ~Sarah

March 17, 2008

Got a Cold, Started Crocheting

Yep, I started yet another project. In the excuses department, I had a nasty cold, and didn't want to work on any of my other projects, and thought crocheting would be good since I don't have to pay very close attention. The pattern is for kids, and mostly single crochet stitches. I suppose you're wondering what I started....the Sleepy Kitty Draft Dodger. I showed the yarn in this post. It's very simple, and fun.
I did finish the candlewicking, and the tatting, so maybe I'm partially justified in starting a new project. I will try to get pictures and links up this week.

Stay healthy, and Happy Crafting!

March 3, 2008

Weekly Goals

I'm starting to think I should pick a day other than Sunday or Monday to do my weekly goals. But maybe I'm trying to be too organized. I've been reading a book titled 'A Perfect Mess', and the idea is that extreme organization can be less beneficial than a small amount of disorder. Or something like that.
Here are last weeks goals and the results:
  1. Find yarn and finish shawl. I know I promised a picture, but it's so close to being done I might as well wait until it's finished. It's finished! Click here for a picture and details.
  2. Finish the candlewicking. All that's left are the leaves, border, and French Knot branches. Halfway through the week I changed the goal to finishing the French Knot Tree. I am nearly done, and would have finished it on Sunday. However, on Sunday I came down with the second worst migraine of my life.
  3. Work on tatting. Maybe if I don't use the word 'finish' I'll accomplish something. Guess what happened? Nothing.
  4. Get started on squares for Warm Up America. I want to try and use up the ball & possibly start the skein. My gauge is normally almost perfect, so I didn't check the gauge before starting my square. Several rows in, I discovered my gauge was wrong, and had to frog the entire square. I'm currently in the midst of a gauge swatch.
And now, I have a confession to make. I started another knitting project. I couldn't help myself. The yarn is so pretty and soft and sunshine-y, don't you think? This is the Crime Scene Tape Scarf for my sister. I've been bribing myself - for every square I finish for Warm Up America, I can knit one letter.

This week I plan to:
  • Finish the candlewicking.
  • Finish my gauge swatch and finish (or at least start) a square for Warm Up America.
  • Tatting- guess what I'm taking to craft night this week?
  • Anything else that strikes my fancy.
Happy Crafting!