November 16, 2007

Tatted Ball #1

Yippee!! I finally finished one tatted Christmas ball. That leaves 5 to go. I was working diligently on round three when I realized I had no idea where to connect my ring. On closer inspection I discovered that I had jumped down to round 4 from round 3. You can see it in the picture I took for my last post. After I took out the mistake I simply connected the rings and made chains in between. To attach it to the ball I put seed beads on straight pins and pinned through the bottoms of the last row of rings. For some reason it photographed blue; it's really a deep purple color.

I know how Catherine at Catherine's Tatting Attempts feels - she has twisted picots, and I have twisted chains. You can't tell from the picture, but most of the chains in round two got twisted.
The rest of the ball covers will be simple like these at Lace-lovin' Librarian's blog. If I have extra time (and patience!) I may try covers 1 and 5 from the pattern booklet.

May your shuttles always be full, your thread never tangle, and your projects be successful!


yarnplayer said...

Your tatted Christmas ball looks gorgeous in the photo! People probably won't notice any twisting unless they are tatters themselves and take a really close look at it.
Congratulations for fixing the glitch in round 3 and moving ahead to finish your project! It looks beautiful!

Sarah said...

yarnplayer: The photo wasb taken on the 'good' side of the ball. ;) But I think you're right about people not noticing the twisting. Thanks for stopping by!