February 19, 2008

Weekly Goals

Last weeks goals & progress :
  1. Join LovePurl ~~I sent the e-mail, and am waiting for a response.
  2. Finish the tatted medallion ~~I finished another corner. I'm going to have to start taking it to Church - I always get there early, so it will be some Enforced Tatting Time.
  3. Knit: shawl or Warm Up America Squares ~~I finished two more pattern repeats. That leaves 4 to go. However, I have too many stitches on my needles. I'm going to buy some circular needles tomorrow.
  4. Mending - my mending pile is expanding rapidly, and taking up too much space. ~~3 items were mended.
  5. Cross Stitch: Pick a project, any project! ~~I worked on Appomattox Courthouse. Here's a picture to prove it. (Compare to picture here)
Some other things I did this week:
  • Made a second attempt at the door slammer stopper thing. (First attempt here.) Pictures coming soon. Can anyone come up with a better name??
  • Continuing in the I'm-tired-of-it-sitting-around-so-I'm-gonna-finish-it mood, I pulled out this quilled coaster tonight. It didn't quite have space for the pearls, so I used some leftover half-pearls from this project. It sort of works, but not really. As you can see, I'm holding the bottom piece on with my basketry clamps. Any suggestions for how to make it stay stuck to the coaster??

Goals for the week of February 19:
  • Knitting~At least two more repeats on shawl, or better yet, finish it.
  • Sewing~Make another door slammer stopper thing. (And clean up the mess I made in the sewing room.)
  • Tatting~Finish the medallion.
  • Misc.~Cross stitch or quilled coasters.
Have a happy crafty week!

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Ginny said...

How about "Stop Slam"?