February 12, 2008

Weekly Goals

Here are last weeks goals and how I did:

  • Get back to my tatting. I want to try and remake the failed medallion properly by the end of Craft Night on Thursday.
  • Umm....I started it over, and made the same mistake...I've run a thread through the two picots that should be connected to hold them together while I tat the second round. If it comes out ok, I can keep the two together with a straight pin when I pin it on the styrofoam ball.
  • Finish knitting Queen of Hearts Afghan square.
  • Well, I finished it, but my gauge fluctuated drastically. Let's just call it a practice square and take the afghan off the wip list for now.
  • Join LovePurl. LovePurl is a KAL for charity knitting.
  • Haven't quite gotten there yet.
Goals for this week:
  1. Join LovePurl
  2. Finish the tatted medallion
  3. Knit: shawl or Warm Up America Squares
  4. Mending - my mending pile is expanding rapidly, and taking up too much space.
  5. Cross Stitch: Pick a project, any project!


Relle said...

Sarah, thanks for the advice with the photo's, will work on them for my next post. I am really surprised to have comments left so quickly, Im loving this blogging stuff
take care

Sarah said...

Relle- Glad I could help. Your blog was mentioned on Bliss...by luv Abby, so I checked it out.:)