February 25, 2008

Weekly Goals

Last weeks goals and progress:
  • Knitting~At least two more repeats on shawl, or better yet, finish it. It's a long story. I got the nine pattern repeats done, and didn't have enough stitches. I also wanted it longer, so I decided to do one more pattern repeat. Halfway through I ran out of yarn. I'm doing Mom's grocery shopping this week, so I'll stop at JoAnn's and see if I can find some more yarn.
  • Sewing~Make another door slammer stopper thing. (And clean up the mess I made in the sewing room.) I cleaned up the mess in the sewing room. Kinda. It's in one spot and somewhat organized now.
  • Tatting~Finish the medallion. I really need some 'Enforced Tatting Time' I did a little bit, but not much. I'm apprehensive as to whether or not it will work out this time.
  • Misc.~Cross stitch or quilled coasters. It's not cross stitch or quilling, but still falls into the miscellaneous category. I pulled out a candlewicking project I've had for many years.
The picture on the left is how it will look when it's done. The picture on the right is my actual progress. I had some trouble photographing them, so I hope you can see at least one of the pictures clearly!

This week my goals are:
  1. Find yarn and finish shawl. I know I promised a picture, but it's so close to being done I might as well wait until it's finished.
  2. Finish the candlewicking. All that's left are the leaves, border, and French Knot branches.
  3. Work on tatting. Maybe if I don't use the word 'finish' I'll accomplish something.
  4. Get started on squares for Warm Up America. I want to try and use up the ball & possibly start the skein.
Happy Crafting!

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