February 16, 2008

Do Crafters Have GADS?

Carol at May Dreams Gardens has had some interesting posts about GADS; Garden Attention Distraction Syndrome. I'm wondering if this is simply spilling over into the rest of my life, or if there's another syndrome that I don't know about. You see, last night I was getting my swimming bag packed for this afternoon. When I opened the drawer where I keep some of my toiletries I realized that I still didn't like the way I had it organized. So I re-organized the drawer. I thought to myself "wouldn't it be great if I had another basket like this for the loose stuff in this drawer?" Then I realized I do have another basket, and it's holding my calligraphy inks. If I can find it I could see if it would work out.
I look in my calligraphy box. Not there. I try my desk drawer where I keep everything else that doesn't fit in the calligraphy box. Not there either. Then I realize it's on top of the desk in the space below the drawers. So I decide that another basket will work out just fine, and I should buy one the next time I'm at W-M. As I put the ink back I looked at the bottle of cleaner, and remember a couple of nibs that needed cleaning. I found one and cleaned it, and as I was searching for the other, I discovered that my desk was falling apart. The nails that hold the drawers/cubbies in the top of the desk are pulling out. So I start thinking...."Dad has those big clamps, right? So if I get some wood glue and the clamps and some towels for padding it should work out..." As I head down to the basement I realize it's half past twelve, and immediately justify staying up late 'because it's Saturday tomorrow and I don't have to get up early.'
So I get down to the basement, find the clamps, discover that they weigh a ton, grab the glue and a couple towels from the rag box, and head back to my room. Once there I realize that there's not enough room to clamp the clamps to the desk. I take the clamps back downstairs. Then I had a brilliant idea. Wedge the phone books under the section while it dries. So I put glue in the spaces, wedge the phone books under, and realize that the one on the left needs more height. So I wedge a few notebooks under the phone book. Pretty good. Off to bed, right?
I looked at my bed, and realized that I had to do something with all the stuff I dumped there. I dumped it back on the desk and went to bed. It was only 1:30, and I didn't have to get up early.
All I really wanted to do was pack my swimming bag....
Here are some pictures of my desk - before and after dumping everything back onto it.

The Yellow Pages may never be the same...
And I really need to organize my desk...while I'm at it, I could use a chair for my desk....that way I could put my computer on the desk instead of sitting on my bed or the floor all the time...and if I could put the computer on the desk, the desk would be slightly more organized.
See? There I go again.

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Ginny said...

Sarah, I think it's just the middle-of-the-winter blues. I tend to get in the home improvement mode around this time of year (that's why I'm working on the powder room.) If I can help, let me know. Want any of those fabric "boxes" that I've been making? There are directions for a larger size in the book, too. Happy organizing!