February 18, 2008

Creative Streak

For some reason my creative streak/talent decided to sneak out and get busy. Maybe it was just the"I'm-tired-of-this-sitting-around-so-I'm-'gonna-finish-it" mood.
The candle in the jar above had burned down. I put the candle in the freezer to remove the remaining wax and removed the design that appeared to have been shrink wrapped to the jar. After washing and drying the jar, I applied this rub-on transfer. It's not very straight, but I think it's pretty good for my first try.

Next I found this box that a friend gave me quite a while ago, stained it cherry and applied some more rub-on transfers. I think that was one of the easiest/simplest projects I've ever done. I can guarantee that it falls into the rare category of 'finished in 24 hours.'

After that, I found another box. This is supposed to be like an old-fashioned tea box, in which loose tea was stored. Only mine is much smaller. I covered it with scrap-booking paper and stickers. Today I finally got around to painting on mod podge to finish it. It just needs one more coat. I'm sure there was some logical reason why I put the border on the lid upside down, but it escapes me at the moment. Since I've been a day late with my other 'regularly scheduled posts' on my garden blog, my weekly goal list is going to be a day late too. Look for it tomorrow. :)

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