February 4, 2008

Weekly Goal List

Since I've been having trouble meeting my goals, I'm only setting three simple ones this week.

  • Get back to my tatting. I want to try and remake the failed medallion properly by the end of Craft Night on Thursday.
  • Join LovePurl. LovePurl is a KAL for charity knitting. I'm interested in:
  1. Warm Up America: My local craft store has a box for finished squares, and I even found some yarn in the 'basement stash'.
  2. Mother Bear Project: The bears are so cute and look like a lot of fun to knit up.
  3. The Snuggles Project: I need to call or e-mail Lollypop farm and find out if they could use the blankets and if there are any special guidelines regarding yarn type.
I got 16 rows done on my shawl last week. For some reason it doesn't look like the finished picture, though. That always annoys me. I'm using the yarn called for, and checked my gauge before I started. Maybe it'll get better as I go along.

I also worked on my Appomattox Courthouse cross stitch. I got it at (guess where?) Appomattox Courthouse when my grandparents took me on a Civil War vacation a few years ago. It's going pretty quickly. I like that the kit came with DMC floss, so if I run out I can get more.
Mom and I stopped at JoAnn's on Thursday. I found some yarn for the scarf for my sister, a pretty box to hold my tatting supplies, teardrop Swarovskies for a beading project, and some tatting shuttles - I'm going to be teaching a friend to tat sometime soon.

Google Reader says I'm subscribed to 133 blogs, and I figured it was about time I updated my blogroll and share my favorites with you.
Happy Crafting and blog-reading~

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