January 29, 2008

Too Many Projects

I have come to the conclusion that I have way too many projects. My first clue is that I have projects in three places in my room, two places in the craft room, and a few in the basement that fall into the 'I never want to see that project again' category. To combat this problem (and keep me from starting any more projects,) I'm going to add a WIP list to my sidebar. I'm also considering a list of queued projects. Hopefully I will be guilted into finishing a few, and not starting any more.

My goals didn't go so well this week. I haven't done any tatting, and my knitting project has been...uncooperative. I had to take Mom and Dad to an appointment, and took my Queen of Hearts Afghan. I'd started the first square, and when I took it out I realized that I started the heart in the wrong spot. I took out three or four rows and started knitting. Then I realized that the 6 stitches on the ends weren't in pattern. So I took out 8 rows and stared at what was left. Took out 3 more rows. Stared some more. I finally decided it would be simpler to frog the entire thing and start over. Thirteen rows later, I realized I started the heart on the wrong row. Took out two rows, finally figured out where the heart was supposed to start, and made it to row 20! I had thought that it would be a good weekend project -- however, I'm not so sure now. I'm also not sure heart is in pattern. Right now I don't really care. I am not taking it out again.

My sister saw this pattern, and I bought the magazine on ebay. She loves to wear scarves, and thinks this one would be a great fashion statement. I'm currently debating what yarn to use.

I'm not going to make a goal list this week since I haven't been doing to well with my goals. Thursday is crafting night, so maybe my creative juices will start flowing again.


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