April 28, 2008

Weekly Goals

I missed updating my weekly goals last week. My Dad had surgery to fix his dialysis catheter, and Mom and I spent all day Thursday at the hospital. I'd hoped to finish the cross stitch afghan square, but didn't get that far. Part of my delay in finishing it is being caused by a mistake, and I'm trying to get all the colors in places where they look natural.

Let's see, I didn't get near the Appomattox cross stitch, the only FO that needs a picture is the candlewicking, and I just took one. I used the auto-fix feature to make the stitching show up a little better.

As for the knitting, the only knitting I've done since finishing my sister's scarf was this evening. I knit the gauge swatch for my cousins' socks. For some reason my gauge has changed dramatically. I used to have almost perfect gauge, but lately it seems to be way off. I'm debating whether or not I should drop down a needle size. Since they're socks (and they don't have heels) the gauge isn't as important. Also, being a little larger, they would last my cousin a little longer. Any advice would be happily considered!

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