April 9, 2008


It's been a while since I set any goals, mostly because I've been working on this scarf for my sister. She saw it in a magazine, and asked if I could make it. It knit up really fast. I used Bernat Silk in Sunshine and Ebony. I finished it last week, and it's just waiting to be blocked.

I haven't had much motivation to work on any of my projects lately. I just dabble, going from one to another whenever the inclination strikes. I was going to try and set some goals for this week, but I came down with yet another cold on Tuesday, and need to recover a bit before pushing myself to accomplish any goals.



pennyn said...

Love the crime scene tape scarf. D0 you have a pattern available for it? My 16 year old daughter would love it.

Sarah said...

My sister loves it too! The pattern I used was from Craft: transforming traditional crafts Volume 04. There are also a few patterns online. (Google 'crime of fashion scarf')
If you would like my copy of the magazine, I'd be more than happy to pass it along. Send an e-mail using the link in my profile if you're interested. :)