April 16, 2008

Tatted Medallion...Finally Finished!

*Due to lack of a picture, this post has been a draft for nearly a month a really long time.*

Don't faint or anything, but the medallion is finally done! I sat down in front of the TV on Wednesday, popped Pirates of Penzance into the DVD player, and started tatting. I had to stop to make dinner, but managed to finish it while watching Phantom of the Opera. On Thursday I took it to Crafter's Circle, and pinned it to the ball.

One of the ladies gave me a crocheted ball cover - she couldn't find a styrofoam ball to attach it to. Isn't it pretty?


Sarah Jane Meister said...

You do such exquisite work. I would have no patience for such fine thread. Does it take very long to work up? It's beautiful!

Sarah said...

The medallion goes pretty quickly, however thanks to the mistake in the pattern it didn't go as quickly as it could have.