April 16, 2008

Weekly Goals

The past couple of weeks have been rather dull craft-wise. This week I'm going to try and make some progress.

My Goals are:

  1. Finish Honey Teapot on Cross Stitch Afghan
  2. Work on Appomattox cross stitch
  3. Post pictures of any completed projects still on the WIP list
  4. Knitting - that may need a subcategory!
I have not started any new knitting projects, although I have a very long queue. The 3 most important projects are:
  1. Figure out the gauge and start knitting for Warm Up America
  2. Knit socks for cousin Ally
  3. Shawl for Mom

I have yarn for all 3 projects. I just bought the yarn for the socks this past week. They're made to look like Mary Jane style shoes, so I'm using glitterspun for the black to jazz them up a little.


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