March 26, 2008

Awareness Ribbon of the Month

Awareness Ribbon
My Mom suggested that I should explain my picks for Awareness Ribbon of the Month. I try to pick them based on illnesses or diseases that have directly affected my life.

In December I chose a gray ribbon for diabetes. My grandfather has had diabetes for quite some time. He has to test his blood sugar throughout the day, and give himself insulin.

For January I chose National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. No particular reason, it was the one I liked best for January.

February was AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month. My Grandfather and Great Grandmother both have Macular Degeneration. (AMD) My Grandpa has the dry type and it is progressing slowly. My Grandma has the wet type, and is nearly blind.

This month, March is National Kidney Awareness Month. My Father has cancer, and the cancer has caused his kidneys to shut down. He is currently on home (peritoneal) dialysis. It is much better than when he went three times a week to dialysis clinic and had huge needles stuck in his arm to filter the toxins from his blood. If you're interested in learning more about dialysis, click here.

From now on, when I change my Awareness Ribbon I will write a post explaining my reason for choosing it.

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