March 3, 2008

Weekly Goals

I'm starting to think I should pick a day other than Sunday or Monday to do my weekly goals. But maybe I'm trying to be too organized. I've been reading a book titled 'A Perfect Mess', and the idea is that extreme organization can be less beneficial than a small amount of disorder. Or something like that.
Here are last weeks goals and the results:
  1. Find yarn and finish shawl. I know I promised a picture, but it's so close to being done I might as well wait until it's finished. It's finished! Click here for a picture and details.
  2. Finish the candlewicking. All that's left are the leaves, border, and French Knot branches. Halfway through the week I changed the goal to finishing the French Knot Tree. I am nearly done, and would have finished it on Sunday. However, on Sunday I came down with the second worst migraine of my life.
  3. Work on tatting. Maybe if I don't use the word 'finish' I'll accomplish something. Guess what happened? Nothing.
  4. Get started on squares for Warm Up America. I want to try and use up the ball & possibly start the skein. My gauge is normally almost perfect, so I didn't check the gauge before starting my square. Several rows in, I discovered my gauge was wrong, and had to frog the entire square. I'm currently in the midst of a gauge swatch.
And now, I have a confession to make. I started another knitting project. I couldn't help myself. The yarn is so pretty and soft and sunshine-y, don't you think? This is the Crime Scene Tape Scarf for my sister. I've been bribing myself - for every square I finish for Warm Up America, I can knit one letter.

This week I plan to:
  • Finish the candlewicking.
  • Finish my gauge swatch and finish (or at least start) a square for Warm Up America.
  • Tatting- guess what I'm taking to craft night this week?
  • Anything else that strikes my fancy.
Happy Crafting!


Sarah Jane Meister said...

What a pretty yarn color! I can't believe you get so much done in a week. And "rewarding" yourself by allowing yourself to knit! :) (Well, I can kind of understand since I love to knit too!) You are inpsiring me to dig out the hidden, secret, half-finished things I have yet to do.

Sarah said...

Sarah- My industriousness goes in spurts. Last week was very productive, while this week I didn't do very much crafting done. I have been digging out a lot of half-finished projects. (I kind of need the space for all the un-started projects that are piling up. :)