March 17, 2008

Got a Cold, Started Crocheting

Yep, I started yet another project. In the excuses department, I had a nasty cold, and didn't want to work on any of my other projects, and thought crocheting would be good since I don't have to pay very close attention. The pattern is for kids, and mostly single crochet stitches. I suppose you're wondering what I started....the Sleepy Kitty Draft Dodger. I showed the yarn in this post. It's very simple, and fun.
I did finish the candlewicking, and the tatting, so maybe I'm partially justified in starting a new project. I will try to get pictures and links up this week.

Stay healthy, and Happy Crafting!


Sarah Jane Meister said...

Oooh, get well! I am figting a cold here too. Nasty sore throat and rib-ache. Judah has a 102 fever and is on Tylenol. I wish I could crochet! :( I do need to get some knitted mittens done for the babies in the next few weeks though!

Sarah said...

Sarah- Thanks :) I'm pretty much better, just dealing with a sore throat and runny nose (maybe it's allergies).
I hope you all get better. It's no fun being sick. BTW, I don't crochet as a rule, but this was by kids, for kids, so it's not too complicated.:)