January 23, 2008

Belated Goal List

Last week my goals were:
  • Finish the last two tatted balls: well you already know how that went.
  • Look for a pattern at the LYS: they didn't have any patterns like I was looking for, but will be getting one in a few weeks.
  • 8 rows on shawl: nothing to report. I did mention that my creative drive was somewhat crushed by my failed tatting attempt, didn't I? However, here's a picture with my lovely new stitch markers modeling.

This Week:
  1. Tatting. I really want to finish those ornaments. Besides, they're taking up too much space in my craft pile.
  2. Do some knitting, or cross stitch, or sewing. Whatever. I just need to get enough done to have a photo for next weeks list.
Happy Crafting~

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