January 11, 2008

Bamboo Knitting Needles

Bamboo Needles
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If I could only use one type of knitting needle, I'd choose bamboo. I got some for Christmas and my Birthday. My Mom got me a set of size 3 straight needles and size 9 circular needles, and my Grandma got me two sets of size 3 dpns. I like using bamboo needles because they keep nubby yarns from slipping off my needles all the time. Other pros are:

* They don't get cold like aluminum needles
* They're lighter weight
* They're easier to hold
* They aren't as noisy as aluminum needles can be

So although they cost a bit more, the price is worth it.


ellen said...

I like bamboo needles too for all of the same reasons.
Your tatting is amazing! It seems so few people tat (is that the correct term?) any more. I have some pieces that my grandmother did so long ago.
This is a wee bit late, but Happy New Year to you.

Sarah said...

Ellen- I meant to respond sooner, but had a very busy week. Yes, tat is the correct term. I'm told that my Great Aunt or Great Grandmother (I can't remember which one) did quite a bit of tatting. You're so fortunate to have some of your grandmother's work - to my knowledge none of my relatives work has survived.