January 14, 2008

Weekly Goal List

I'm way overdue for a Weekly Goal List. Better late than never, right?
My goals for this week are:
  • Finish the last tatted balls
  • Trip to the LYS to find a pattern for my Sister's birthday present
  • Knit at least 8 rows on my Easy Triangle Shawl
My current progress on the tatted balls: 50% done with the first one. I'll probably finish it tomorrow. Then the question is 'will one motif be enough or should I do two?'
I just started the triangle shawl - I'm 12 rows into it - right where the pattern starts repeating. I'm using homespun yarn, and the color is called 'gothic' - it's a gorgeous variegated purple.
As for the knitting pattern, I have not found anything I like on the internet, so I hope the yarn store can help me out.

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