December 3, 2007


Looking back over the last few posts, I realized that they are devoid of pictures. To remedy this problem I've added 2 pictures to my Black Friday post, 2 gauge swatches to Yarn Shop Visit, and a picture of the progress (or lack thereof) on my second tatted ornament cover to my Weekly Goal List.

Today I spent my afternoon working on a sewing project. It went pretty well until I sewed the lace on the collar wrong. it was a real pain to rip out because I used a 1.5 stitch length. After I finished ripping, I played around with Mom's Cuttlebug for a while. It works similarly to Sizzix and Cricut, but is less expensive than the other two machines. Here's a picture of the things I made:
I took closeups and uploaded them to myphotoalbum. I will add detailed information about how I made each item later this week.

Happy Crafting~

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