December 31, 2007

Sophie Cloth Doll

I made this doll for my cousin in NC for her first birthday. The pattern is McCalls 4186 and is part of a set of six patterns. I would not recommend these for beginner sewers - they looked like good 'teaching' patterns, and very simple. I had a lot of trouble with what I've done so far, and I'm very glad I have some experience in making dolls and doll clothes. The middle picture is a nightgown, and the far right is a collar that goes over the nightgown. These were Christmas presents I couldn't blog about until now. The heart on the collar was done with my Mom's embroidery sewing machine; I didn't have time to embroider it by hand.


Auntie Bunny said...

The doll and clothes you made are beautiful, I really love the colors you picked for "Sophie's" wardrobe!

Sarah said...

auntie bunny- Jamie likes her too. :) Her wardrobe will be growing, I will probably send one outfit for her birthday, and the accessories for it at Christmas.
Thanks for stopping by!