January 17, 2011

Project Resolutions

Every year I rummage around for the previous year's resolutions, realize I didn't really accomplish any of them, and make a few new resolutions. I leave the list out for a month or two, then file it until next January. However, when it comes to projects, I do a little better. Maybe it's because I keep my list in my craft notebook. Whatever the reason, I usually manage to meet a few goals throughout the year. I also reevaluate once in a while and set a few new goals. This year my crafting goals are simple, and a little more open-ended than usual.
  1. Finish at least 1/2 of the projects on my current WIP list.
  2. Take pictures of completed projects.
  3. Start Christmas gifts ASAP, and finish them by the end of August.
  4. Empty &/or downsize sewing basket.
  5. Frame completed cross stitch projects.
  6. Update Etsy shop on a regular basis.
 The WIP's I would like to finish this year are the crocheted afghan, one embroidered pillowcase, cross stitched family tree, Lady of the Thread, knit stockings, knit socks, and the punch needle design. I will be trying to post regular updates of these projects.
Speaking of projects, I have removed the drop down menu of my completed projects. It was getting too long, and I didn't enjoy messing with all that HTML. My completed projects are now listed on this page. You can also find the link underneath my blog header, next to the Scrappin' Saturday page.

For the month of January, my goals are:
  1. Finish and mail belated Christmas gifts.
  2. Finish granny squares for crocheted afghan.
  3. Start participating in Tatting Tea Tuesday.

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