January 31, 2011

Lingerie Cases

This post got buried in my drafts folder. I'm trying to catch up on the list of things I should have blogged about last year, but never got around to.

My sister had a small bachelorette party - just the bride and bridesmaids. I'm not too keen on buying (or making) lingerie for others, so I made something for her to keep lingerie in. The outside is made with a satin-like fabric (it's washable, though.) I wanted my gift to reflect my Sister's love of monkeys, so I got a fun monkey print for the inner lining. The lining is cotton.
A lingerie case is a somewhat old fashioned concept. I tried to do some research on them, but apparently they were not enough of a novelty to be widely written about. I remember one from the movie Rebecca - Mrs. Danvers shows Mrs. De Winter around Rebecca's old room, and one of the things that Mrs. Danvers shows her is a lingerie case.

I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but I divided the inside. I have made a second case for a friend, and am working on writing out directions for this project.

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