January 7, 2011

Filigree Quilt Blocks

Have you ever had a project that sat around for years, then one day you finally decided to finish it? That's what happened with these Quilt Blocks. I originally bought the kit because I liked it, Mom liked it, and there were enough supplies to make 2 sets, in two different color schemes. For years I've been telling myself "I'll finish it for Mom's birthday" then "I'll finish it for Christmas" then "Maybe I can get it done for Mother's Day?" Last year I got tired of seeing it in my WIP list, and managed to finish Mom's set for her birthday. That still leaves my set, which I am not planning to start any time soon!

I can't remember where I bought the kit, and the only place I can find it online is directly from the manufacturer. The kit is titled "Filigree Quilt Blocks Kit #201" and is made by the Lake City Craft Company. It was simple to make and put together. The only difficulty was that not all my pieces came out the same size, nor were they perfectly symmetrical making it rather difficult to fit and glue all the pieces together.

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