June 15, 2010

Belated Gifts

These were Christmas gifts for my cousins; they never got sent. When they came for my sisters wedding, I pulled them out of the bag they'd been sitting in and hand delivered them.
I never quite know what to do for the California bunch. I figured that they most likely had a kitchen set, so I pulled out my Tasty Crochet book and whipped up some ice cream sandwiches. For some reason they all came out different sizes.
 For my dear little North Carolina cousin, you may remember that I made a doll for her a  few years ago. I finally finished the next outfit! The pattern is McCalls Craft 4333. The pattern is out of print, and I can't find a link for it. Katrina kindly modeled the outfit for me, even though it is rather large for her.

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Anonymous said...

Wow the dolls dress is actually quite amazing. Do you work in textiles?