June 28, 2010

Blog Posts of the Week V

Maybe this should become blog posts of Every Other Week. The last two weeks are something of a blur; I'm not really sure why, but they are. Today, I'm going to try and get caught up on all the bloggy stuff, and then stay caught up with it!

New Share Buttons
First up in my Google Reader, a new Blogger feature: Share Buttons. Being a fan of sharing blog posts, I immediately went and turned the new feature on. Here's a screen shot:

See the buttons under my Etsy preview? If you really like a post and want to share it, those buttons will, from left to right, allow you to 1) Email it, 2)Blog about it (in Blogger), 3)Tweet it, 4)Post it on Facebook, and 5)Share using Google Buzz.

Mini Beatrice
Moving on to the world of tatting, Marty at Tat's All She Wrote tatted a gorgeous doily. I've concluded that I need to get over my fear of doilies, and (once I find a job and have some extra $$) purchase at least one of Iris Niebach's books.

Some Questions

Kelly at Catherine's Crafting was wondering (among other things) what is Tatting Tea Tuesday. That got me wondering as well, and after some searching, I found this link. I think I will join in, although it may not be right away.

From The Craftiblog Two cards from a shoebox gathering. I'm not sure what a shoebox gathering is, but I like the card the author designed, and this one, designed by one of her friends.

Now that I'm caught up on craft blogs, I'm going to try and write a few posts to publish over the next few days.

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