January 18, 2010

Little Projects

Last year I bought a Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar. One that intrigued me greatly was the Dish Scrubby from Monday, May 11. I made it in a couple hours, with Sugar 'n Cream, Potpourri. I gave it to my Mom, but haven't heard if she likes it or not. If she does I will make more for her, and for my hope chest.

Remember Paprika? Well, I made him again for the little boy I babysit who loves dragons. I tried pulling the chains tighter, as I recommended in my previous post. It didn't work so well. I had a very difficult time getting the starch to keep him in the right shape. So, tighten your chains, bit not too much. Here's the original Paprika. I didn't have time to photograph the latest one.

1 comment:

Ginny said...

Mom has buried said scrubbie under her pile of stuff on the dining table. Alas, it hasn't been seen - out of sight, out of the kitchen - so mom doesn't know how well it might work. Eventually, it will be unearthed and put to the test.