January 14, 2010

2009 Ornaments

A few years ago I began making ornaments for my Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and Parents, and anyone else I needed a quick, easily made Christmas gift. For 2009 I got started early. I got a beaded snowflake kit from Herrschners for a deeply discounted price.They were fairly easy to make, once I got the hang of it. There were two color combinations; the blue one pictured below, and a white one with blue accent beads. It's almost entirely the reverse of the one below.


-girl from the bush said...

hi sarah, love your ornament! They look like a bit of paitence is needed, but worth it. I'M THINKING OF DOING A FEW ORNAMENTS EACH MONTH SO I HAVE SOME BY THIS XMAS TIME TO HANG ON THE TREE.sue

Sarah said...

They did take a bit of patience, but once I figured out the pattern they went pretty fast. That's a great idea to do a few each month.