January 21, 2010

Baby Shower

A friend of mine recently had a baby shower. I made a "Snowed Under Cap" (January 2008, Creative Knitting), booties (#9 from Baby Booties to Knit and Crochet by Leisure Arts #2731) and thumbless mittens (Online Pattern that I slightly altered).

I couldn't make the snowflakes come out right on the hat, so my Mom embroidered them for me - thanks Mom! I used Lion Brand's Wool-Ease; colorway: Denim Twist. The snowflakes were done with Bernat's Baby Coordinates in White.

Booties:  I used Bernat Baby Coordinates in Blue Bon Bon. The hardest part of the pattern, for me, was picking up the instep stitches; but I always have trouble picking up instep stitches. The first picture is a bit washed out; the second is closer to the true color of the yarn. {Blogger is being fussy and keeps turning the first picture on its side. I'll try to add it later, in the meantime here's the other picture.}

Thumbless mittens. I used the Bernat Baby Coordinates in Blue Bon Bon again. I'm amazed at how far this yarn has gone! I originally bought it to make a sweater and hat for my cousin, Luke. (I must have made them before I started blogging and photographing my projects because I can't find any pictures. The pattern is from FreePatterns.com and I was able to find it by typing "triangle sweater" into the search box. You do need to sign up to view the patterns.) Anyway, I made the sweater, and hat, and now baby booties and mittens, and I still have yarn leftover!
The pattern for the thumbless mittens is available here. I had a hard time finding a mitten pattern for newborns, so I settled on a pattern I mostly liked and altered it a bit. The first change I made was the needle size. I didn't have the sizes called for, so I used sizes 3 and 5. I worked knit 1 purl 1 rib for 1.5" so that the cuffs will stay secure under the baby's coat sleeves. I was planning to do an eyelet row and thread ribbon or cord through to help keep them on, but forgot, and didn't have enough time to plan it out. The only other change I made was to line them with flannel so they will keep baby's hands nice and cozy.

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