October 25, 2008


I recently was given some goodies, and thought I 'd share them with everyone.
These two were given to me by the lady I babysit for. They are both stamped cross stitches, which are not my favorite, but I think I can stitch them at some point in the future.
The family tree is awesome - I've always wanted to do one but never had the inclination, or motivation to design one. The other is Psalm 23. It has a pastoral scene at the bottom done in crewel work, which I've also always wanted to try.

The rest of the goodies are from my sister who isn't as enthusiastic about crafts as she used to be. Thanks sis!

This is a dogwood flower cross stitch. She started it for our bathroom , but didn't finish it. It should be a quick stitch and good to take in my purse.

An extra hoop is always handy, and this kitty pattern will be perfect for the 'Kitty Korner' in my room.

Although I have a strong dislike of stamped cross stitch, I seem to be acquiring them at an alarming rate! However, I have a certain weakness for butterflies, and when there's the option to stitch in hues of purple...well, I just had to take it.

Now on to the knitting stuff! A book of knitting patterns and a pair of knitting needles, and yarn. The blue is Homespun and there a are 2 skeins. I'm going to make another triangle shawl with it. I have a pattern in mind for the purple (I think it's Caron's One Pound, but don't quote me on that) but have yet to look it up and see if it will work.

I have more goodies to show, but that's for another post.I hope you enjoyed this peek at my newly acquired projects!

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