November 9, 2008

Goodies #2 + Randomness

I promised to show you more goodies, and here they are! Remember the 300 hat project? Colleen at Rabies on My Shoe collected hats from people on the East Coast. She also had some prizes to give away, and I was one of the randomly chosen numbers!!

Here's a picture of what I got:
Lotion, tea, and the prettiest yarn ever! Isn't it scrumptious?!
I haven't decided on a pattern for it yet, so if anyone has one of those 'Oooh, I know the perfect pattern for that' moments, leave a comment for me.
On to Randomness. My friend Sarah tagged me for this. Here are the rules: The rules are: Link to the person who tagged you, list the rules, write six random things about yourself, tag six-ish people by leaving comments on their blogs and let the person who tagged you know that you've written the post.

  1. I drive a standard car. Every time I get into an automatic, I think something's wrong with it. (i.e. the clutch is missing, there's no shifter...)
  2. My favorite colors are any shade of purple, and pale yellow.
  3. Since graduating from high school four years ago, I've been studying geometry, literature, and a few of the great courses from The Teaching Company.
  4. I'm teaching the little boy I babysit how to do a running stitch.
  5. My favorite animals are seals.
  6. I love Sci-Fi movies and series. Right now my favorite is Doctor Who. 
I can't decide who to tag, so if you want to be tagged, leave a comment and consider yourself tagged.


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