July 28, 2008

Where Did July Go?

It seems like just a few days ago that I wrote my last post! I did take both projects to craft night, however we ended up looking at pictures from our hostess's trip to Yellowstone National Park. I really need to buy myself a better camera...their pictures were really good, and several were taken from a moving car.

Hat update: I have completed 6 hats and started a seventh. For some reason I have one extra stitch on the earflap. I think it will be fine if I leave it there, though. I'm doing the Snowed Under Cap from the January 2008 issue of Creative Knitting. I will probably add a few pompoms to these hats to jazz them up, but I don't want to use up yarn that I might use on another hat.

I haven't done any other crafting, although I did join the bookmark swap that Amy at Ibby Bee is hosting. I already have two bookmarks figured out, and am contemplating what to do for a third one...

What is it with me and crafting deadlines?? I'm going to be walking around with knitting or some other project in my hands for the month of August! The hats need to arrive at their destination by August 28, and there is a one month deadline for the bookmarks - i.e. the end of August. After August is over, I think I'll take a break (a long break) from knitting. I'll work on cross stitch and sewing. Of course, I'll probably decide something entirely different when September gets here, but it's a semi-goal.


Note to self: stop wasting time on Facebook, and Start Knitting! My sister got me on Facebook, and I'm discovering things that waste my time in ways I've never imagined...Stitchbook is cool, though - it's kind of like Ravelry for your family, but not as cool as Ravelry.

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Hey, Sarah, I nominated this blog for an award, too!