August 10, 2008

More Hats

Hats 7-9 are done! Other than knitting, and a little mending last week, I haven't been doing any crafting.

The blue one still needs pompoms on the ends of the ties, and I will probably add some to the tops of the other two hats.

Below is the yarn I have left - there ought to be enough for at least 3 more hats, so I've upped my goal from 10 hats to 12 hats. The picture was taken before making the pink/brown hat on the left, so the dark maroon is gone, and there is just enough variegated pink to make a pompom.
Casting on for hat #10!
My goal for this week is to finish all the hats so that I can get started making bookmarks for the exchange! I've already figured out style/patterns, so all I have to do is get busy making them!

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