July 5, 2008

Knitting Hats

I was planning to post this sooner, but I've been totally exhausted since Wednesday night. My sister flew to New Mexico on a missions trip Friday morning. Since she's never flown before, we all drove her (ok, only one person drove) to the Buffalo airport. We left our house at 4 AM. My Mom and I decided that there wasn't much point in going to bed and getting up 3-4 hours later, so we didn't go to bed. We drank lots of coffee and watched Pride and Prejudice. I finished a hat, got sleepy, drank coffee, ate pizza, drank more coffee....About the time we got to the airport, the caffeine and adrenaline kicked in to high gear. I was pretty chatty driving home, and when we got home, I was wide awake and ready to go to a furniture sale. It was pointed out that the stores weren't open. Oh well. Mom and Dad went to bed, and I...well, I don't remember much of what I did. I was too keyed up to sleep, although I recall dozing for a couple of hours. I almost finished a third hat last night, but between being so tired and helping my Dad investigate my printer problem, it's not done. Today Mom and I went shopping in East Rochester (pictures later) and after we came home I discovered that I was exhausted. Still haven't finished hat #4, but did 2 rounds.

Ok, pictures of hats 2 and 3, and then I'm going to bed so that I won't fall asleep while teaching the 2's and 3's class tomorrow morning.Hat number 2 (on the left) is from Creative Knitting January 2008, the Snowed under Cap. Hat 3 (on the right) is a variation on the pattern I'm creating.Sarah

PS~ Thank you to the voters in my poll. Once I finish the hats I will start working on a kit.
ETA - Since I used a variegated yarn I didn't embroider the snowflakes on cap #2.

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