July 8, 2008

Saturday Shopping Spree

Last Saturday Mom and I went shopping. We stopped at a paint store for a paint chip, and discovered a Farmer's Market nearby. We wandered around and bought a few plants and veggies. Then we went over to Golden Thread Needle Arts to see if the chart Mom ordered had come in yet. It hadn't, but they were having a trunk show, so we looked, and I found this really neat pattern. It's called 'Take Time to Knit', and has some really fancy stitches. Mom has one by the same designer (Jeanette Douglas Designs) called 'Take Time to Stitch'.

We went to Michaels to get some more yarn for Kristy's Hat Project. I should have enough yarn now to meet my goal of ten hats, plus one or two more.

 Since Barnes and Noble was in the same plaza, we just had to stop in. Their used book section is amazing, and I found this book for $7. We were in the craft section later and saw the same book full price - $25! I've wanted to learn this method of knitting socks, but the one time I tried I couldn't make heads or tails of the directions. The directions in this book seem to be very straightforward, and are diagrammed very well.

On Friday night I came down with a Summer cold. It's one of those where you don't feel sick enough to go to bed, but not well enough to do anything productive. I think Carrie at Knitted Bear had the same thing.  I did mange to finish hat #4. I tried starting hat #5, but messed up and will have to rip it out and start over.


Crafty Pondering: Should I take my knitting or cross stitch to the craft night on Thursday? Knitting or cross stitch, cross stitch or knitting....Maybe I'll take both!

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Carie said...

It really was a grotty bug wasn't it - I hope you're feeling better now. I vote for take both projects to craft night, you never know what you'll be in the mood for!