October 7, 2013

I'm Back!

When I stopped blogging last year, I had no idea that it would be more than a year before I came back to it. Here are my stitches in life from the past year. You may recall that in April, I had to have my kitty put down. In August, our local humane society had too many cats, and had a 'free cat day' or something like that. The kitty I adopted is named Posie, and was (and still is) feisty. She had a few health problems, and some behavioral issues too. She is much better than when we first adopted her, although we are still working on her behavior issues. She likes to 'help' me knit by chewing on the ends of my knitting needles, or playing with the yarn. Also last August, I accidentally deleted all of my emails. My computer spent 3 months or so with the Geek Squad, (they were unable to retrieve my emails) and I had no way to access information and pictures about projects I would have liked to blog about. In September I began working as a mother's helper for a family with 6 children. I am still helping them, and things at their house are never dull! In November, my Dad underwent a stem cell transplant to combat his cancer. In December we were still in the middle of Dad's recovery, plus I was trying to get Christmas decorating, cooking and gifts done. Unexpectedly, my Pastor resigned, and a few weeks later our music leader resigned as well.
In February, I had a week off and decided to take a vacation. I rented a car and drove to Kentucky to visit friends, then to North Carolina to visit some of my relatives for a few days. After that life settled down a bit until July. On July 4, I was driving down to Penn Yan with my Dad to spend the day with his side of the family. My car broke down, and we had to get towed back to Rochester. It wasn't worth fixing, so we ended up buying a new (to us) car. We spent the rest of July preparing for my Mom's knee replacement surgery. It went well, and recovery is mostly going well. I have finally set up my light tent permanently, and have been taking (better) pictures of my projects. I am slowly getting things organized, and have a huge list of projects to blog about!

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