July 6, 2010

Wedding Gift

A friend of mine was married last weekend. I honestly had no idea what to make for a wedding gift - due to my sister's wedding I didn't have time to make my usual wedding gift. Next thing I knew it was two weeks before the wedding, and I still didn't have any clue what to make. I asked my Mom is she had any ideas, and she mentioned a set of coasters that a friend had sent her. Mom emailed her friend for the pattern, and I made them in an afternoon with a week to spare!
Finding just the right fabrics was difficult. I could have used 5 different fabrics, if I'd wanted, but I had a hard enough time just coming up with three. I was going to make 8 coasters, but there was barely enough of the maroon fabric to make 6. I used my rotary cutter to cut everything out- aren't rotary cutters great?
The back is just a solid square. For some reason it didn't photograph very well - it has some feathery swirls or leaves, and the little sprays of purple flowers.Okay, I just uploaded the picture to the post, and you can see all the detail.
After cutting out all the pieces and pressing the top pieces in half, it was time to stack everything together. I used a lot of pins to make sure the pieces didn't shift while I was sewing and leave a gap in the middle. I'm very pleased with the way they came out, and someday, maybe I will have time to make a set for myself.

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