March 26, 2010

SAL Progress

I was really on a roll last night with my Lady of the Thread. I finished her head, and did a few of the spots where there are only two or three stitches in a color, then two or three in another color. After I finish the bodice of her dress, I'll work on the ribbon down the edge of her housecoat, then work on the coat itself.
I'm pondering leaving out the red rose..things... on either side of her. They don't make a lot of sense, and look a bit odd. The one seems to be sprouting out of her back, and the other seems to pop out from behind her stitching. Opinions, anyone? (If you can't see them, there's a better photo in this post.)


Carie said...

It doesn't look like you'd loose anything from the picture by not having them - maybe finish the rest of the picture first and see how you feel then

Sarah said...

Carie - I think you're right - I wouldn't really lose anything by leaving them out. I'll look at it again after the lady and mirror are finished. :)