April 15, 2010

Seatbelt Cushion

I made this a couple of months ago, and finally took some pictures of it! The pattern is from Mary Mulari's Made for Travel book. I had made the cushion once before; this time I thought it would be nice to make one covered with cotton, for the summer months. It turned out pretty well, although a bit on the small side. Easily fixed the next time I make one.

How I did it: I started with two 12" squares, one of fleece, one of cotton. I sewed around 3 edges, leaving the fourth open to turn right side out. The remaining raw edge was serged. Folding it in half, I placed one side of the velcro along the sewn edge. The serged edge of the cotton layer was placed about halfway under the piece of velcro. For some reason, I didn't catch in the fleece layer - possibly to reduce the bulk in the seam. I then placed the other piece of velcro as per the directions in Mary's book.

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