February 18, 2010

Stitches in my Life

This has been a rough week. My Grandpa died, somewhat unexpectedly. On Saturday my Dad and I will be driving down to Penn Yan for the viewing. The rest of my family will drive down Sunday for the funeral.
I didn't really know my Grandpa very well. We only visited a few times a year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, July 4, family bbq's). However, I do have many special memories of him. He built me this lovely doll house, and most of the pieces from a furniture kit. I still have it, and someday will get back to decorating it. My Mom has a book titled Doll's House Needlecrafts; I have a long list of things I want to make from it.
I remember going for walks with Grandpa, riding in his motorboat, him teaching me to row, and to paddle a canoe. We built a model car together, and we shared a love of puzzles. It seems as though I knew him better when I was younger. The last time I saw him was New Year's Day, when I went down for the Ingram Christmas celebration. He had been struggling with dementia for quite some time, and he didn't recognize me. Even when Grandma told him I was Phil's Daughter, I could tell that he didn't really recognize me. As a child, I saw my Grandpa as one of three men in my life who knew everything, could do everything, and was never wrong. The other two men are my Dad, and my other Grandpa.
I will miss my Grandpa, and pray that I will one day meet him again in Heaven.



❦TattingChic said...

HI Hon! I did not know your grandpa died! I am so sorry to hear that! (((Hugs))) to you! I hope you'll take my condolences belatedly! That is so sweet that he made you a dollhouse!

Sarah said...

Thank you!