October 31, 2009

Spoilt Rotten

Here's another project that I never blogged about: a dog sweater for my sister's dog. It's from the booklet "Dog Gone Cute" published by Leisure Arts. It was not hard to knit, but hard to size. Kelly is a chow-lab mix, and rather fluffy. I'm not sure if she lost weight between the time I started and finished, or if her fluff gave me an incorrect measurement. It was too big around the chest, so I had to take it in about in inch. Also, the back didn't stay very well, so I sewed on a button and loop to keep it in place. One other note about the pattern, work the first and last stitches of the back shaping rows loosely so that it will be easier to pick up the stitches for the body ribbing. The yarn is Lion Brand's Wool-Ease "Blue Mist" The contrast is Bernat Soft Boucle "Softest Straw".


❦TattingChic said...

What a cute dog! The sweater you made is cute.

To answer your question about twisting the picot to make the hummingbird's beak...Just make a longish picot and then twist it up with your fingers. I had to wet my fingers and kind of hold it twisted for a bit. I suggest wetting it with a drop from the faucet or by dipping your thumb and forefinger in a cup of water.

Sarah said...

Tatting- Thanks - she can be cute on occasion. LOL

Thanks for the help with the twisted picot - I was getting really frustrated with the project!