August 19, 2008

I'm Still Here

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here, knitting hats. I met my goal of ten, and have enough yarn leftover to make at least 3 more hats. I've started 2, one in the snowed under pattern, and one in the pattern I've made up. I will publish it as soon as I've met all my deadlines! Although I have yarn for 3 or more hats, I may only finish the 2 on the needles. My wrist is bothering me tonight, and I can only knit about 6 stitches before it starts to hurt. Hopefully a good nights sleep will clear things up.

I have 1.5 bookmarks done for the swap. The .5 should be quick and easy to finish, but I'm a little concerned about the third - it could aggravate my wrist.

Stitching is tomorrow, so hopefully I can get a lot done - I'll be going on vacation several days before both the deadlines, so my personal deadline is ASAP (or August 25). When I get back, I hope to have a finished cross stitch to share. I've been taking nearly finished cross stitches on vacation with me, and finished them by the time we returned home. I should take more vacations...


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Sarah Jane said...

I am continually amazed at all you are able to get done! I'm about to start a knitting project (my first time using this particular pattern)so if I run into snags I'll have to ask you for advice. :) Hope all is going well!