April 12, 2011

Belated Christmas Gifts (CA)

I won't tell you how belated these were, just that they were very belated. I have three cousins in California, and I try to make the same thing for all of them. The difficulty is finding something they would all enjoy. This is what I came up with:
Lunch bags! Inside, lunch! (No, not my little helper. Just the napkin, apple and sandwich.)
The crocheted food is from the Tasty Crochet book. I used the lunch bag instructions from Tumbling Blocks Blog with a few changes, listed below.
  1. The exterior is cotton (not oilcloth) and the interior is clear vinyl, with a layer of batting in between.
  2. In step 3, instead of sewing the velcro vertically, I placed it horizontally, 4" from the top, as pictured below. 
  3. In step 4, the "wrong sides facing" instruction confused me. I think what was meant was to sew with the wrong sides together. Because I was working with cotton fabrics, and had raw edges, I sewed right sides together, and turned the bag right side out after step 6.
  4. The long pieces (7x31) were more like 7x45 - I simply cut 7 inches of fabric and didn't alter the width at all. Most fabrics are 45" wide. In step 7, I trimmed three sides to the same length, but for the longer section, I think I trimmed it even with the vinyl layer. I may have just left it - I can't remember. I sewed bias tape around the entire upper edge to cover the raw edges. I then folded the end with the excess fabric down so there was just enough space to sew the velcro on and have the bottom of the velcro even with the top of the other three sides. I then applied the velcro to the folded down flap. (Again, see picture below)
I hope this all makes sense! If it doesn't, leave a comment with your question.
The napkins were made using leftover fabric. I simply cut a piece of fabric and a piece of muslin to the same size, pinned, right sides together, and sewed around, leaving a space to turn right side out. After turning right side out I ironed the edges and topstiched around, folding in the edges of the opening and being sure to topstitch over them.

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AntCarter said...

Just wanted to say I enjoy seeing the progress of your craft projects, the results and the explanations of your crafting projects. :-)